Would you and your organization like to host a NSCMC performance?
Can we minister to you and serve you through our ministry?
We want to hear from you!

The NSCMC has two performance seasons, December and May, and we would love to schedule a performance with you! We do not charge the hosting organization, nor do we sell tickets to the event. Let us do the work so that you and your organization may receive a blessing!

Each season we try to book at least two concerts:
  1. A performance benefiting the NSCMC and its mission, and
  2. A Benefit Performance for another organization whose mission resonates with our own. 

*The NSCMC Board of Directors must receive requests at least two months prior to the start of each performance season (June 1 & Dec. 1). This request requires approval from the Board of Directors who will respond within 30 days.

Please share your contact information with us and an
Officer from the Board of Directors will contact you shortly!
Thank you! 
If you are ready to submit a Performance Venue Proposal and do not need to get in touch with us, 
please use the link below to fill out the form! Thank you!